Pampering Penguin Massage

About Me

imageWelcome to Pampering Penguin Massage!  My name is Dean Stobbe and I will be your massage therapist on your adventures in relaxation and bliss.  I am trained in many modalities as an LMT and have been studying the therapies for many years.  For those curious about the energy arts, or working through various addictions or emotional issues, I am a Reiki master and would be happy to help with your growth. I recently became one of a very few people in the area to become Board Certified by the NCBTMB and I am also a member of the AMTA.  Many spas across the country will take 10 to 25% of your valuable paid time and use it keeping you in a waiting room, or doing intakes, etc...You WILL recieve your entire time on the table in my sessions, making them SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than most places in the surrounding area when you add it all up.  You will have to do an intake on your first visit by law, but I do not count that time against your massage.  Lastly, I recently became one of a tiny handful of people in the state certified to perform Mu-Xing massage if you want to try something no one else has in their bag of what are you waiting for??? Bring all your stress and knots and let me help make the world a better place for you.  Namaste' Deano